A message from our founder, Jilah Kalil

jilah kalil cooking up founder

Real cooking is what happens in the home & cooking is one of the basic principles for sustaining one's self

The easiest way to describe my cooking style is "home cooking, simplified." I teach people how to cook simple food they can throw together in about 30 minutes without using a recipe — from start to finish.

Food - cooking it and eating it - is something we all need; it is what connects us to each other no matter where we live, what we do, our age, our occupations or our family structure. Cooking together and eating together brings us together; meal time is how we reconnect at the end of each day.

Cooking is a way to express love, to be creative and to try different things. And just like with art, some times meals are a complete failure, but you learn from those almost as much from the successes.

I am a Mother of twins (21), an artist, an educator, & a voracious reader.

I am passionate about local food, kind people, simple cooking, and food justice.

I love feeding people and I want to teach you how you can too.